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Welcome to BMA Business Solutions, the premier online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into doing business and living in Switzerland. Our website serves as a hub for professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in offshore banking, real estate, digital marketing, and personal finance within the Swiss landscape.

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Targeted Audience

Our readers are a mix of business professionals, expatriates, and individuals who are keen on understanding the Swiss market. By advertising with us, you gain direct access to a highly targeted audience that is already interested in your sector.

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BMA Business Solutions receives a high volume of daily visitors, offering your brand maximum exposure.


Our articles and publications are well-researched and highly informative, earning us the trust of our readers. Your association with us will lend credibility to your brand.

Advertising Options

Article Contributions/Publications

Showcase your expertise by contributing articles or publications related to our core topics. This is an excellent opportunity for thought leaders to share valuable insights and gain recognition.

Banner Placement

We offer various banner placement options across our website. Choose from header banners, sidebar banners, or in-article banners to suit your advertising needs.

Sponsored Content

Promote your products or services through sponsored posts that align with our content themes. Our editorial team can also work with you to create custom content that resonates with our audience.

Rates and Packages

We offer flexible advertising packages tailored to meet your specific business needs. For detailed pricing and custom options, please contact our advertising team at

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