Swiss Fintech Findependent Secures Key Finma Portfolio Manager License

Findependent's acquisition of the Finma portfolio manager license

Finma License Elevates Findependent’s Offerings

Findependent, a burgeoning fintech based in Lenzburg, has achieved a significant milestone. On November 21, the company obtained its portfolio manager license from Finma. This license is crucial for the firm’s continued offering of its wealth management investment app. Remarkably, the firm prepared its application in-house, showcasing its expertise and dedication.

Expansion and Accessibility: Findependent’s Strategic Growth

In a strategic move, Findependent expanded its reach to French-speaking Switzerland. It also enhanced accessibility by launching its app in English and French. Notably, the company has made its services more affordable by lowering its fees.

Diverse Investment Solutions Offered by Findependent

Findependent presents clients with four distinct investment solutions. These solutions, crafted from nine ETFs, encompass equities, bonds, and real estate. The company’s fee structure is appealingly competitive, with management and custody fees ranging from 0.33% to 0.44% annually. Additionally, the first CHF 2,000 of investment comes with a lifetime waiver of charges. However, customers should note additional costs like ETF fees, currency conversion, stamp duties, and stock exchange fees.

The App’s Growing Popularity and Market Impact

Since its market debut in February 2021, Findependent’s app has attracted over 8,000 customers. This growth reflects the app’s effectiveness and user-friendly design.

Competing in the Swiss Investment App Market

In the competitive Swiss investment app landscape, Findependent stands out. It competes with apps like Neon, which has recently introduced free ETF trading through Invesco. The founders of Findependent, inspired by their experience at Neon, saw a gap in the investment market. They recognized the need for an investment solution that was simple, transparent, and accessible.

The Genesis of Findependent: A Mission for Simplicity and Transparency

Findependent originated from a desire to revolutionize the investment experience. Many people either left their savings dormant or used complex, opaque banking products with high fees. Findependent aims to change this with its straightforward, jargon-free investment solution. This solution comes with fair fees and doesn’t require a substantial initial investment. Packaged in a practical app, it’s an investment solution everyone can use and trust.

Findependent: The App for Everyone

Born from a vision to simplify investments, Findependent is not just for seasoned investors but for everyone. Whether you’re new to the stock market or looking for a transparent investment avenue, Findependent is the app for you, your friends, and everyone in between.

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