Step-by-Step Guide: Opening a Swiss Bank Account for Free Without Intermediaries

How to Open a Swiss Bank Account for Free Without Intermediaries

Swiss bank accounts have long been the epitome of financial prestige and security. Historically, the allure of Swiss banking lay in its confidentiality, stability, and top-notch services. Today, while these benefits remain, the approach to accessing these exclusive financial havens has evolved, especially with the rise of digital platforms like LinkedIn.

The Power of Networking in Banking

In the age of digital networking, platforms like LinkedIn have revolutionized the way we connect professionally. For aspiring Swiss bank account holders, this platform offers a direct line to the very individuals who can facilitate the account opening process. Instead of navigating the traditional, often cumbersome, banking pathways, why not reach out directly to a bank employee?

Direct communication with bankers, especially those who specialize in specific markets, can offer insights, personalized advice, and a streamlined application process. Moreover, it eliminates the need for intermediaries, ensuring that you’re getting firsthand information without any added costs or potential miscommunications.

Why Avoid Intermediaries?

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Intermediaries, while sometimes helpful, can introduce additional costs and complexities. By connecting directly with a bank representative, you ensure a transparent, authentic, and cost-effective process. Plus, establishing a personal relationship with your banker can lead to better service and understanding of your financial needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening a Swiss Bank Account Using LinkedIn

  1. Identify the Desired Swiss Bank: Start by researching Swiss banks that align with your financial goals and needs. Whether you prioritize investment opportunities, wealth management, or simply a secure place to hold your assets, there’s a Swiss bank for you.
  2. Search for Bank Employees on LinkedIn: Once you’ve identified your bank of choice, head to LinkedIn. Use the platform’s search function to find employees of that bank.
  3. Narrow Down to Relevant Bankers: Not all bank employees will be relevant to your quest. Filter your search to find individuals who cater to your specific market. For instance, if you’re from Turkey and interested in ABC bank, look for “Private Bankers covering the Turkish Market at ABC bank.”
  4. Craft a Personalized Invitation Message: When sending a connection request, personalize your message. Express your interest in opening an account and mention any mutual connections or interests that might make your request more compelling.
  5. Initiate a Conversation and Express Interest: Once connected, initiate a conversation. Be genuine, express your intentions, and ask for guidance on the next steps.
  6. Follow Through with the Application Process: With the banker’s guidance, gather the necessary documents, complete the application, and await approval.

BMA Business Solutions Guarantee

We at BMA Business Solutions guarantee that this strategy works! If it doesn’t work for you, we are ready to introduce you for free to one of our partnering Swiss banks. However, keep in mind that Swiss banks require at least a 1 million USD deposit and will conduct a thorough compliance check for every client. Some banks may not work with certain countries due to various regulations and policies. Our offer is valid until the 5th of October 2023!

Tips for Effective LinkedIn Networking

To make the most of your LinkedIn networking efforts, ensure your profile is professional and up-to-date. Engage in meaningful conversations, join relevant groups, and share insightful content. Remember, building and maintaining long-term relationships can lead to more than just a bank account; it can open doors to investment opportunities, financial advice, and more.


The digital age has transformed many traditional processes, including the way we approach banking. By leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, you can bypass intermediaries, save costs, and open a Swiss bank account as a foreigner . So, why wait? Dive into the world of Swiss banking with a modern twist and secure your financial future.


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