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Streamline Your Banking Experience with BMA Business Solutions’ Non-Resident Bank Account Opening Support

At BMA Business Solutions, we specialize in helping non-residents navigate the complex process of opening foreign bank accounts, a task that can often be daunting. We are dedicated to both individuals and businesses looking to establish financial foundations in new regions. We offer specialized services tailored to opening bank accounts for non-residents, serving both personal and corporate clients. Our services extend across a wide array of international banking destinations, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Hong Kong, and the UAE (Dubai). Our committed team provides thorough support and advice, making the intricate world of global banking more accessible and simplifying the journey to accessing worldwide wealth management solutions.

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Why Choose BMA Business Solutions for Non-Resident Bank Account Opening Services?

BMA Business Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate the opening of bank accounts for non-residents, tailored to meet your unique needs:

  1. Tailored Assistance: Our approach is client-centric, focusing on understanding your specific requirements to connect you with the most appropriate banking solutions. We ensure a personalized experience that caters to your individual or business needs.
  2. Streamlined Process: We manage the complexities of the bank account opening procedure for you. This includes handling documentation, filling out applications, and liaising with banks. Our aim is to simplify the process, making it as efficient and hassle-free as possible.
  3. Expert Guidance: Our team, comprised of seasoned banking professionals, possesses extensive knowledge of the non-resident banking sector. This expertise allows us to navigate the banking landscape effectively, ensuring a smooth and successful account opening experience.
  4. Personalized Attention: We are committed to providing dedicated support throughout the entire process. Our focus is on delivering personalized attention, ensuring you are well-informed and updated at every step of your journey to opening a non-resident bank account.

Benefits of Opening a Bank Account as a Non-Resident

Opening a bank account as a non-resident in a foreign country offers a variety of advantages, enhancing both financial management and investment potential. These benefits include:

  1. Secure Financial Management: Non-resident bank accounts serve as a secure and efficient platform for managing finances on an international scale, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your funds no matter where you are.
  2. Global Access: Such accounts provide the ease of accessing your funds globally. This is particularly beneficial for conducting international transactions and investments, allowing for effortless financial operations across different countries.
  3. Investment Opportunities: Non-resident accounts often grant access to unique investment opportunities in the host country. This opens up avenues for diversifying your investment portfolio and tapping into new markets and assets.
  4. Tax Advantages: Certain countries offer tax incentives to non-resident account holders, which can lead to a reduction in your overall tax liability. This is a significant benefit for those looking to optimize their tax situation.
  5. Tax-Free High Interest on Deposits: Some non-resident bank accounts offer the added benefit of high interest rates on deposits, often exempt from local taxes. This can significantly enhance the return on your savings and investments.

Here’s a summarized table of these benefits:

Secure Financial ManagementA reliable platform for international financial management, ensuring safety and accessibility of funds.
Global AccessEasy and convenient access to funds for international transactions and investments.
Investment OpportunitiesAccess to unique investment opportunities and market diversification in the host country.
Tax AdvantagesPotential tax benefits, leading to reduced tax burdens in some jurisdictions.
Tax-Free High InterestHigh interest rates on deposits, often exempt from local taxes, maximizing returns on savings.

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How BMA Business Solutions Can Help You Open a Non-Resident Bank Account

We simplify the bank account opening process for non-residents by:

  • Identifying Suitable Banks: We research and recommend banks that cater to non-resident clients, ensuring that you choose the best fit for your needs.
  • Assisting with Application Process: We guide you through the application process, ensuring that you submit all required documents correctly and completely.
  • Completing Documentation: We assist with gathering and preparing necessary documentation, including identity verification, proof of address, and source of funds.
  • Providing Ongoing Support: We maintain communication with banks throughout the process, keeping you informed and resolving any issues promptly.
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Correspondent banking for regional banks and EMI

BMA Business Solutions empowers small regional banks and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) to excel in the realm of international finance. We grasp the unique challenges faced in regions such as Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, where navigating complex regulations and diverse banking structures is common. Our approach includes forming partnerships with leading global banking institutions to bolster our clients’ capabilities in executing efficient international payments in major currencies. These collaborations foster strong correspondent banking relationships, which are crucial for providing our clients with vital access to the global financial network, thereby supporting their growth and success.

Our services are particularly valuable in environments with fragmented banking systems and diverse payment mechanisms. We specialize in creating seamless connections with global financial networks by tailoring cross-border payment solutions to each client’s needs. This includes setting up correspondent banking relationships, managing international wire transfers, and navigating foreign exchange transactions in line with complex regulations.

Partnering with us, small regional banks and EMIs can significantly improve their cross-border payment capabilities. This advancement streamlines international transactions and opens new growth opportunities. In the fast-moving global commerce scene, our expertise, infrastructure, and support enable these institutions to overcome challenges and excel in the international financial landscape.

Choose BMA Business Solutions and experience the difference in global banking connectivity.

Opening a Foreign Account with BMA Business Solutions

Unveiling Your Path to Global Banking

Embrace the world of international finance as BMA Business Solutions expertly guides you to open non-resident bank accounts. Navigate the complexities of banking across borders, and unlock the potential of global wealth management.

Minimum account size and average interest rates for one-year deposits for non-resident individuals in selected countries

CountryMinimum Account Size
Average Interest Rate
Average Interest Rate
(EUR )
Average Interest Rate
Hong Kong1,000,0005.25%2%1.0%
Please note that these figures are indicative only. Actual account requirements and interest rates may vary depending on bank policy and prevailing economic conditions. It’s always best to contact the banks directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Costs for Opening Non-Resident Bank Accounts in Switzerland, Monaco, UAE, Singapore, and Liechtenstein

Opening a non-resident bank account in countries like Switzerland, Monaco, UAE, Singapore, and Liechtenstein can vary in cost depending on the type of account and client profile. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Private Bank Account for Individual Clients (Deposit up to CHF 5 Million)

  • Introduction and Consultation Fee: CHF 2,000. This fee is for services including assistance in preparing Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation, conducting preliminary client checks (such as Word Check), and providing advice on bank fees and potential options.

Account Opening for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) with Deposits Over CHF 5 Million

  • Pricing for Standard Cases: Starting from CHF 0. This means that in standard scenarios, the service can be offered free of charge.
  • Complex Cases: In instances where the client is from a high-risk country (as indicated by a Corruption Perception Index score below 50), holds or has held a significant official position, or has been in a senior role at an international organization or a major global company, the introduction cost may increase to as much as CHF 10,000.

These costs reflect the expertise and resources required to navigate the diverse regulatory landscapes of these countries, ensuring compliance and smooth account opening procedures. BMA Business Solutions offers tailored services to meet the specific needs of individual clients and HNWIs, ensuring a bespoke approach to international banking.

Opening a Commercial Bank Account for Non-Resident Companies

In addition to individual banking solutions, the process for opening a commercial bank account for non-resident companies, especially those engaged in commercial transactions, involves a different pricing structure.

Commercial Bank Account Opening Fee

  • Standard Fee: The starting fee for facilitating the opening of a commercial bank account for a non-resident company is set at CHF 5,000. This fee caters to the basic requirements and standard procedures involved in setting up a commercial account.
  • Complex Cases: For more intricate cases, such as those involving companies with complex corporate structures, high-volume transactional needs, or those operating in highly regulated industries, the charges can be significantly higher. The exact fee in such scenarios will depend on the specific complexities and requirements of the case.

This service includes comprehensive support in navigating the complexities of international commercial banking, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and facilitating smooth financial transactions for your business. The higher fees for complex cases reflect the additional expertise and resources required to handle these more demanding scenarios.

By choosing BMA Business Solutions for opening your commercial bank account, you benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in international banking, ensuring that your company’s banking needs are met efficiently and effectively.

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Embark on a seamless journey to success in Switzerland with BMA Business Solutions, your trusted partner for international banking and business growth. Whether you’re seeking to establish a Swiss bank account as a non-resident or establish your business in Switzerland, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

We specialize in assisting non-residents with their banking needs in Switzerland, ensuring a smooth and compliant process that aligns with your unique requirements. Our extensive network of partnerships with reputable Swiss banks provides you with access to a wide range of banking options, tailored to your specific needs and financial goals.

At BMA Business Solutions, we are deeply rooted in the rich history and contemporary innovation of Chur, Graubünden. This unique blend of tradition and progress fuels our passion to help businesses thrive, both in Switzerland and beyond.

Ready to unlock the potential of Switzerland for your business? Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey to success together. Your success is our mission.

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