Transition at Zürcher Privatbank Rahn+Bodmer

Leadership Transition at Zürcher Privatbank Rahn+Bodmer: A Step Towards the Future

A Significant Departure

Zürcher Privatbank Rahn+Bodmer, Switzerland’s oldest private bank, is undergoing a notable change in its leadership structure. The bank announced on Friday a pivotal alteration in its partner composition, marking an end to an era and the beginning of a new chapter. André M. Bodmer, who has been an unlimited liability partner since 1995, will not return to his active roles at the bank following a period of convalescence after an accident. Despite stepping down from his day-to-day duties, Bodmer remains financially linked to the bank through his role as a limited partner.

Embracing Change with a Generational Shift

The departure of André M. Bodmer is occurring amidst a significant generational shift within the bank. This transition has been underway since 2023, with Jay Bidermann emerging as the first representative of the fourth generation of his family to join the board of partners. The remaining five partners are steadfast in continuing the bank’s legacy under the same esteemed name, backed by its substantial capital exceeding 200 million Swiss Francs.

Christian Rahn, a partner at Rahn+Bodmer, expressed his sentiments regarding Bodmer’s departure: “We regret the exit of André M. Bodmer as an unlimited liability partner. We are grateful for his longstanding commitment that has profoundly shaped our bank and wish him a continued successful recovery.”

Preserving a Rich Legacy

As the oldest private bank in Switzerland, Rahn+Bodmer boasts a distinguished history and a commitment to traditional private banking values. The bank is led by five partners: Peter R. Rahn, Martin H. Bidermann, Christian Rahn, Christian R. Bidermann, and Jay Bidermann, representing the third and fourth generations of their families. These partners fully assume the liabilities of the bank, ensuring a personal stake in its success and stability.


The transition at Zürcher Privatbank Rahn+Bodmer reflects both the challenges and opportunities inherent in passing the torch to new generations. The departure of André M. Bodmer marks the end of a significant chapter in the bank’s history, but it also signifies the bank’s resilience and adaptability in embracing change. With a robust foundation and a clear vision for the future, Rahn+Bodmer is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in private banking.

PartnerGenerationRole in Transition
André M. BodmerThirdDeparting Partner
Jay BidermannFourthIncoming Partner
Christian RahnThird/FourthContinuing Partner
Peter R. RahnThirdContinuing Partner
Martin H. BidermannThirdContinuing Partner
Christian R. BidermannThirdContinuing Partner

As Rahn+Bodmer navigates this transition, its commitment to its clients and its heritage remains unwavering, ensuring the bank’s continued prominence in the Swiss financial landscape.

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