Changing of the Guard: Switzerland’s Oldest Private Bank Sees Leadership Shift

Transition at Zürcher Privatbank Rahn+Bodmer

Rahn+Bodmer, Switzerland’s longest-standing private bank, is experiencing a major change. In a recent announcement, the bank revealed that André M. Bodmer, an unlimited liability partner since 1995, won’t be returning to his active role following a recovery period after an accident. While he’s stepping back from daily operations, he’ll remain financially connected to the bank as a limited partner.

Passing the Torch

Bodmer’s departure comes during a larger generational shift at the bank. This transition began in 2023 when Jay Bidermann became the first member of his family’s fourth generation to join as a partner. The remaining five partners continue the bank’s tradition under the same respected name, with a strong financial backing of over 200 million Swiss Francs.

Christian Rahn, a Rahn+Bodmer partner, commented on Bodmer’s departure: “While we’re saddened to see André M. Bodmer step down, we appreciate his years of dedication to the bank. We wish him all the best in his continued recovery.”

A Legacy of Tradition

As Switzerland’s oldest private bank, Rahn+Bodmer has a rich history and values centered on traditional private banking. It’s currently led by these five partners: Peter R. Rahn, Martin H. Bidermann, Christian Rahn, Christian R. Bidermann, and Jay Bidermann, who represent two generations. As unlimited liability partners, they share the bank’s responsibilities, giving them a personal stake in its success.

Looking Ahead

These changes at Rahn+Bodmer show that even long-established institutions need to adapt. André M. Bodmer’s departure marks an end of an era, but it also signals a new one. With strong foundations and a focus on the future, Rahn+Bodmer is ready to continue its legacy of excellence in the private banking world.

PartnerGenerationRole in Transition
André M. BodmerThirdDeparting Partner
Jay BidermannFourthIncoming Partner
Christian RahnThird/FourthContinuing Partner
Peter R. RahnThirdContinuing Partner
Martin H. BidermannThirdContinuing Partner
Christian R. BidermannThirdContinuing Partner

As Rahn+Bodmer navigates this transition, its commitment to its clients and its heritage remains unwavering, ensuring the bank’s continued prominence in the Swiss financial landscape.

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