Vontobel Aims for Substantial Savings After a Challenging Fiscal Year

Vontobel results 2023


The Zurich-based investment firm Vontobel has announced significant cost-saving measures and a strategic reorganization of its business segments following a somewhat disappointing financial year in 2023. The move to streamline operations and cut expenses comes in the wake of a 7% decrease in profits, with the company striving to adjust its strategy amid fluctuating market conditions.

Financial Performance in 2023

Vontobel reported a profit of 214.7 million Swiss Francs for the past year, marking a decrease of 7% from its previous earnings. This downturn was disclosed in a recent announcement by the institution, highlighting the challenges faced in the fiscal year 2023. Despite these hurdles, thanks to a market recovery in the fourth quarter, Vontobel managed to increase its managed assets by 1% to 206.8 billion Swiss Francs. However, this achievement was tempered by a reduction in net new money, which fell by 1.4 billion Swiss Francs, partly due to strategic decisions to focus on a select group of industrialized nations.

Steady Dividend Despite Challenges

Co-CEO Christel Rendu de Lint remarked on the solid results achieved in 2023 against a backdrop of inconsistent market environments that led to cautious client behavior. Despite these challenges, Vontobel aims to maintain a strong capital foundation to support its long-term strategy, including issuing an unchanged dividend of 3.00 Swiss Francs per share.

Initiatives for Cost Reduction

In response to ongoing market uncertainties and a high cost-income ratio of 79.5%, Vontobel is embarking on an additional initiative to reduce its total expenses by 100 million Swiss Francs. The firm emphasizes a balanced approach to key investments for sustained growth while seeking structural cost reduction measures in the upcoming years.

Organizational Reorganization for Efficiency

As part of its strategy to enhance efficiency and focus on client needs, Vontobel will consolidate its three client units—Asset Management, Wealth Management, and Digital Investing—into two customer segments: Private Clients and Institutional Clients. This reorganization aims to streamline operations and better align services with client demands.

Long-term Financial Goals and Outlook for 2024

With a clear plan for the future and a cohesive leadership team, Vontobel is poised to pursue its long-term financial objectives. Co-CEO Rendu de Lint expressed commitment to creating value for clients, employees, and shareholders as the firm enters 2024. Vontobel’s strategic adjustments reflect its adaptability and dedication to overcoming market challenges while striving for growth and stability.


Vontobel’s strategic decisions in response to a challenging fiscal year 2023 underscore its resilience and forward-looking approach. By implementing cost-saving measures and reorganizing its business structure, the firm aims to enhance its efficiency and client service. As Vontobel navigates the uncertain market landscape, its commitment to long-term goals and stakeholder value remains unwavering.

Table: Vontobel’s 2023 Financial Highlights

Profit214.7 million Swiss Francs
Managed Assets206.8 billion Swiss Francs
Net New Money Change-1.4 billion Swiss Francs
Cost-Income Ratio79.5%
Dividend per Share3.00 Swiss Francs

Vontobel’s strategic moves and financial planning highlight its efforts to adapt and thrive amid changing market conditions, setting a determined course for the future.

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